The initiator and investor of the vmgen project is Mark Mahle, an entrepreneur from the Silicon Valley and engineer with many years of experience, whereas the main project manager is Kacper Dąbrowski, a graduate of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, cloud technology architect and co-founder of many technological startups. Vmgen software platform has been developed by an international team of programmers based in Poland, while a group of engineers in the USA is responsible for the infrastructure itself.

Our main goal is to provide users with a tool that will allow them to quickly and easily create and manage virtual machines without need to employ many qualified specialist.

We believe that the infrastructure in the cloud should be simple and accessible to everyone, so we want to offer an alternative to complex services that often require maintaining by trained specialists. We are well aware of the fact that employing qualified IT staff is quite a challenge now, not only because of the costs, but also because there is a shortage of such specialists. Vmgen platform is simple enough for anyone with a basic knowledge of Linux to use it.

Kacper Dąbrowski


Our network is currently one of the five largest IPv4 / IPv6 networks in the world in terms of the number of peers. Although vmgen platform itself is a young project, we have been developing the network behind it for many years and it is used by many international companies and organizations.

Mark Mahle