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Cloud server for your IT projects

Our VMgen platform allows to easily and quickly deploy cloud servers using 28 data centers distributed around the world and connected to one of the densest IPv4 / IPv6 networks. Regardless of whether your company’s activities are local, or you provide services of a more global nature, the number of locations we offer means that the application you are developing can always be close to your users. 

Cloud Server - VMgen

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Cloud Server – extremely simple operation and automation

Our interface for launching and managing servers in the cloud will allow you to set up and start using your virtual machine in moments. All you need to do is select the target location, and then select one of the available configuration packages with a specific number of processors, amount of RAM and the size of the SSD drive. After that, all you have to do is select the operating system and after a while your cloud server is 100% ready for operation! Thanks to our API, you can completely automate the process of creating and maintaining servers in the cloud, as well as integrate our solution with your own environment.

Cloud server – service and applications

Advanced data processing in the cloud, i.e. the so-called cloud computing, gives users access to a huge amount of data, multi-level applications and state-of-the-art services. All they need is an internet connection! This simple fact allows for real measurable savings: there is no need to buy very expensive equipment (hard drives, servers, all infrastructure). Users also have an extremely large freedom of work, because each of them can work from any place of their choice in the world. Currently, a large number of companies in the world already use services such as the one we offer at vmgen. What is not surprising to us, the cloud server is simply more and more popular and more and more often chosen!

cloud server configuration

One of the fastest ways to get your company’s application up and running is to buy software that runs as an application on an external server, i.e. a cloud server. These can be tools such as WordPress, a popular content management system, or PrestaShop, which is a frequently chosen solution that allows you to set up your online store. Accounting software, banking applications, even an internet box are also examples of software that can work in the cloud. Applications that operate in this way use modern servers that run fast and stable, such as our cloud servers.

In fact, the only one-off cost for applications running on servers is the cost of purchasing a license or a monthly subscription – it is a matter of individual choice and offers for a given application. Most importantly, you don’t need IT education to be able to use the application.

Cloud server – automation

Cloud server automation refers to a series of processes and tools that significantly reduce or completely eliminate the manual workload that is necessary to manage server workloads and cloud computing services.

The traditional deployment and standard server support known from the past are very time-consuming and highly supervised processes. Determine the size, provisioning and configuration of resources such as virtual machines precisely, make their actual deployment and monitor them regularly. You also need to manage their availability and performance well. Each of these processes is effective, however, when carried out manually, they cannot be completely effective and errors often occur due to the so-called human factor. These errors can cause insufficient availability of resources or contribute to the disclosure of various security vulnerabilities, and these are factors that do not positively affect the operation of servers, and thus do not improve the company’s image in the eyes of customers.

In fact, automation of cloud processes is essential today, and the main benefits we derive from it include automatic storage and backup, security and compliance management, reconfiguration and settings, and code deployment. Automation in the cloud is based primarily on the skilful use of management tools, namely in such a way as to carry out the tasks set before oneself without the need for manual intervention. This cloud server automation streamlines various tasks and processes to ultimately improve overall performance and relieve specialists from redundant tasks.

Cloud Server – costs and billing methods

With the VMgen platform, you gain full control of your expenses related to operating servers in the cloud. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you can make your prepaid payment without any problems: just buy a certain number of credits, which will then be used to cover the costs of using the servers. We will billing you hourly for the work of our servers in the cloud, so you always pay only for the resources that you actually use. We have simplified our price list for you as much as possible, to make it as readable and transparent as possible, which will make it even easier for you to forecast the infrastructure costs that your project must incur to ensure fast and error-free operation of your product.

cloud server pricing

Large choice of operation systems available

For your servers in the cloud, you can choose any operating system available in our offer that will meet your expectations. This is definitely the easiest and fastest way to install the OS, but if you want, you can upload your own image of a completely different system of your choice. See what systems our virtual machines offer.

Cloud Server – data center

Our users have at their disposal as many as 30 data centers located all over the world – in North and South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe. Each data center is located in a highly secured server room, has redundant power and cooling systems and meets all the required security standards. To ensure the fastest possible connections, we cooperate with the world’s largest internet exchange points. Our infrastructure has built-in protection against malicious DDoS attacks to keep your cloud servers completely secure.

Cloud Server – advantages

The most basic advantage of cloud infrastructure is its high flexibility and scalability. Cloud computing makes it possible to define in detail the resources needed to handle a given project, and also to freely scale them in the event of a sudden emergence of additional needs. Thanks to this, the development of your business or periodic increase in traffic within your application will not cause unexpected problems related to the shrinking infrastructure. A big advantage of a cloud server is also its speed and performance. The server parameters guaranteed by us, resources reserved exclusively for a given instance, the most modern network technologies – all this makes cloud computing very popular and gradually displaces traditional and obsolete solutions. Our hourly pricing model makes it easier for you to optimize your edge infrastructure costs.

Everything in the Cloud

At the moment, the dominant trend in the world is to move as many of the company’s applications and services to the cloud as possible. In many organizations, cloud applications account for over 90% of the tools used by the company. Even solutions built on the basis of the so-called existing code are successfully placed in the cloud and operate in it. It also happens when the team is fully aware that it will soon be giving them up in favor of better and more modern tools. As long as you are not constrained by the legal aspects that require local servers operating within your organisation’s headquarters, there is virtually nothing to limit you to “encapsulate” your daily activities.

Cloud server - an employee in a server room

Choosing the supplier of the Cloud Server

In addition to the obvious cost selection criterion, when choosing a cloud infrastructure provider, you must first of all consider data security, the level of service reliability, the ability to manage it from anywhere in the world, and the product and technical support offered by the provider. You have probably heard the opinion more than once that, for security reasons, you should avoid overseas companies that offer cloud computing services. Although vmgen is a provider of cloud computing whose roots are in the United States, our company and the majority of the team operate in Poland on a daily basis. Moreover, the operation of our servers in individual locations is strictly regulated by local law.

Therefore, the servers available in the European Union that we offer to our clients operate in full compliance with the requirements of EU law and European security standards and are in accordance with such standards as SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS or HIPAA. Our servers are also physically protected and secured against unauthorized access. American pedigree means for vmgen and our clients the best technological facilities, and thus the possibility of offering a reliable and completely secure cloud computing. Moreover, you can manage vmgen services from every corner of the globe thanks to our user portal, which all you need is a browser and an internet connection. Finally, we are left with one of the most important aspects for the vmgen team in offering our cloud infrastructure: the best product and technical support for our customers.

From the beginning, we aimed at the best possible communication with our clients and people who are just about to choose their cloud. Being privately customers of many companies, we are well aware of the importance of precise advice and fast and effective help, especially when it comes to the security of your data and the functioning of your company. Your trust and satisfaction with our services are without a doubt the most important things for us, which we think about at vmgen during each day of work on improving our cloud computing.